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"We Are The People The Anti-Vaxxers Warned You About "| Autistics Buy Your Anti-Vaxxer T-Shirt Here! (As Seen On Dr. Oz!)

      Growing Up Aspie – A Comic By Nathan McConnell   · 6 hrs      A yo! I want to give a shout out to Fierce Autie for two very awesome things. 1: Going on The Doctor Oz show and fighting against these ignorant bleach peddling quacks, and defending Autistic children at risk of […]

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Autism Speaks : The Time Is Now To Help Clean Up Your Mess | Eve Reiland

Autism Speaks help clean up your mess! The time is now to demand that Autism Speaks show repentance and pay reparations for the outbreaks and deaths from formerly eradicated diseases such as measles, pertussis, mumps and polio. Autism Speaks: It’s also time roll up your sleeves, pony up the funding and help Autistic activists put […]

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Dumping Kids with IEPs into General Education Classrooms is not Inclusion |

By Laura J Murphy, MFA I can’t believe its November already — time for the first round of parent-teacher conferences for Kindergarten. It brought me back to memories of last year’s conference. Pre-k 4 was so different. It was a true inclusion class run by a special education teacher and the classroom provided a lot […]

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Problems with Adam’s FMT Study |

The FMT results sound promising for a martyr or warrior parent but the study was not nonbiased. There are connections between Adams and Jeff Bradstreet, the anti-vaxxer movement, the abandoned chelation therapy study, Generation Rescue, Autism Research Institute and Autism One Source:

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Victor Olivares, Board President: What Are You Doing To Bring Hope Back To NAMI Fresno?

Facebook Post | Thursday 12: 17 pm Just some thoughts from last night’s NAMI Fresno membership meeting. … still processing it all and mulling over the ‘wow’ … So last night I asked the board president a question … a real softball of a question too. One he could have used to his benefit even […]

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The Ghost Beneath Me: A Memoir Of Two Lives

Originally posted on The Ghost Beneath Me:
At what point of life does one start writing their memoir? Meaning, I think, which space and time is the best point to start it off at? The most logical point for most probably is one the day they arrived on this big blue planet. For me, it’s…

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New Version Of ‘Operation’ Just Has Players Use Essential Oils Instead Of Performing A Medical Procedure | The Babylon Bee

PAWTUCKET, RI—In a press release Friday, Hasbro announced a new version of classic board game Operation in which players use essential oils to treat serious medical conditions rather than taking the patient, Cavity Sam, into a hospital for expensive, invasive surgery.Much like the typical version, players draw a card to see which ailment t … Source: New Version […]

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Just one supportive adult cuts the chance an LGBTQ youth will attempt suicide by 40%

A pair of reports courtesy of the Trevor Project shine a light on the importance of a supportive adult voice in the lives of LGBTQ youth: just having at least one accepting adult in their lives reduced the chance of a suicide attempt by an LGBTQ youth by 40 percent. While past studies have focused […]

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You Might Be Wondering If It’s OK To Stim In Public … | Not An Autism Mom