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International Charter of Autists Human Rights & THE 10 POINTS OF Âû (The Autistic Union)
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Autism As We Live It | Autistic Avenger

174,000 people agree that the anti-Autistic trolls I encountered this morning are wrong. Who’d have guessed? It’s an anti-Autistic world. I’ll put some screenshots in the comments!” The Autistic Avenger May 21 at 9:10 AM ·  The Autistic neurotype is a natural part of Human Neurodiversity. We generally prefer the term “Autistic” to “having autism”. It […]

Brands End Partnerships with Myka Stauffer—Read Their Statemnts

  “We are no longer working with this individual.”   YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer are facing increased backlash after announcing that they’ve “rehomed” their son Huxley nearly three years after adopting him from China. According to People, multiple companies have revealed they will no longer parter with the Stauffers, including Playtex Baby who told followers […]

Twitter’s ex-CEO attacks Facebook for proliferation of Bill Gates conspiracy theories – Business Insider

There’s a big spat between Twitter and Facebook right now over the nature of free speech and censorship online. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Fox News on Thursday to say Facebook won’t apply fact-checks to political figures like Trump, following Twitter’s decision to fact-check two of the president’s tweets about mail-in voting. Former Twitter […]


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