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Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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May 23, 2010

New Genetic Clues to Autism Found
By Kathleen Doheny May 3, 2010 — Researchers have discovered two new genes that may be involved with autism, the brain disorder marked by difficulty in 
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Parents Try Alternative Treatments for Autism
By Denise Mann May 3, 2010 — Many families are turning toward to special diets and/or psychotropic medications to help better manage autism spectrum 
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TV academy honors 8 TV shows `with a conscience’
The Associated Press
_ “Unlocking Autism,” about efforts to understand the causes of autism and to find therapies to treat the developmental disability. 
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Autism and the Media
Huffington Post (blog)
In the United States, April was National Autism Awareness month. Whether or not media coverage of autism increased over the past few weeks, 
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Nova Scotia autism report calls for creation of ‘total care centres’
Winnipeg Free Press
HALIFAX, NS – The Nova Scotia government should set up a network of regional centres to provide a wide range of care for people living with autism
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Talk with doctor about alternative treatments for child with autism
Charlotte Observer
Q. My 3-year-old son was recently diagnosed with autism. I have read so much on the Internet about “alternative” treatments. There are some parents who 
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The Current State in Autism — Still Tough to Treat but Encouraging Progress
As part of a special feature on autism, Medscape interviewed Fred R. Volkmar, MD, one of the world’s leading experts on autism, to get his view on the 
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Bringing home the smell of White Castle
Chicago Tribune (blog)
And proceeds go to Autism Speaks. Which is nice, and thoughtful! But, folks, it’s not exactly the right thing to light in the bathroom after a visit to 
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Hyland’s, Inc. Supports AutismOne/Generation Rescue: Autism Redefined 2010 
Business Wire (press release)
“We are extremely honored to join forces with Generation Rescue at this year’s conference to support families with autism. With one out of every 110 
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Rethink Autism Helps Families Celebrate Mother’s Day
PR Newswire (press release)
NEW YORK, May 3 /PRNewswire/ — How does a family touched with Autism celebrate Mother’s Day? That question is pondered by more families than ever before. 
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New Evidence on Autism | Psych Central News
By Rick Nauert PhD 
Scientists report new findings toward determining the source of autism. Currently, although studies have shown that mutations in several genes are associated.
Psych Central News – – Gluten-autism link doesn’t hold up
By Tim Green-U. Texas 
For the study, Mulloy and a team of scientists from the Meadows Center Autism Spectrum Disorders Institute, analyzed 15 published, major scientific studies on using a gluten-free, casein-free diet as a treatment method for ASD. –
Treating Sensory Perception Disorder in Autism with EASe | autisable
EASe is a compilation of music that has been processed through Berard AIT (Auditory Integration Training) standards. Dr. Guy Berard created this system in the 1950’s to t.
autisable’s Autisable –
Language Disorders – Autism Or Language Disorder? Diagnosis Based 
The analysis of symptoms is very important. Autism is a symptom-based diagnosis made by observing a specific cluster of symptoms known to characterize this psychiatric disease. Usually mental health practitioners obtain a description of 
GrupoCompostela Health University –
Order and Chaos: Autism and Aspergers Myths
By Pagangracecat 
People with Autism are often keen to make friends but due to their disability find this difficult. Their ability to develop friendships is generally limited as is their capacity to understand other people emotional expression. 
Order and Chaos –

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