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Google Alert – autism

October 18, 2010

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Autism awareness still lacking at schools
The Collegian online
If you ask people what autism is, chances are you will get a different response every time. The Autism Society of America states that it is a developmental 
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Living the autistic life
Charlotte Observer
ASSOCIATED PRESS Temple Grandin, a renowned animal scientist, says “I think autism helped me in my work.” ROSALIE WINARD PHOTOGRAPHY Claire Danes starred in 
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Update on Autism
Psychiatric Times
Autism is demanding increased attention by professional and lay audiences; prevalence seems to be increasing. There are differing opinions about whether the 
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Parents need not be ashamed of autistic children, says association
Parents should help in identifying children with autism at an early stage for medical examination, the head of operations at the National Autism Society of 
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MRI as potential diagnostic tool for autism
by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore No major structural differences between the brains of people with autism and those without it have been identified, 
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Autism and parenting: feeling isolated?
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
The year was 1991, and Matthew was still just considered “delayed, probably not autistic,” and I was determined to help him catch up. 
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Comedy Network To Air Concert to Benefit Autism
The Comedy Network synchs up with Comedy Central for the live airing, on Thursday, October , of NIGHT OF TOO MANY STARS: AN OVERBOOKED CONCERT FOR AUTISM 
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Vaccine lawsuits promote public mistrust
Clinical Advisor
Ever since the now debunked Wakefield study linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism, families have been fearful about vaccines, 
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Ozark Center For Autism celebrates 3 years.
Monday was the official third birthday of the Ozark Center For Autism in Joplin, Missouri. The party’s theme was a three-ring circus, and students, 
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Golf seen as beneficial to those with autism
Golf has also been proven to be just as active of a sport with autism as football or any other. Charlie Bristow, a 13-year old from Stillwater, 
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Announcing The Combating Autism Act Reauthorization Coalition 
By Age of Autism
President Bush signed into law the Combating Autism Act (CAA) on December 19, 2006. This landmark legislation authorized $700 million in research funding over five years and set the goal of finding the cause (including possible 
autism link – Vaccines And Autism – Mercury, Vaccinations, And 
Vaccines And Autism – Mercury, Vaccinations, And Their Associations With Autism Vaccines And Autism Vaccinations containing mercury could.
Cooking Crab Legs | Cooking Brown… –
Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Autism Services in New Brunswick 
By Autism Reality NB
I have been blogging about autism issues for four years and it is easy enough to publish my own comments on this humble blog. It is a big boost though when the assistance, and reach, of a long established local paper is provided. 
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –
SHOP-EAT-SURF.COM | Etnies teams up with Autism Speaks
October 13, 2010 (New York, NY) – etnies, the first skateboarder-owned and run action sports footwear and apparel brand, and Autism Speaks, North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, are proud to announce their 
Shop-Eat-Surf – Main News –
Brain Scans To Potentially Diagnose Autism | autisable
New study shows Brain Scans To Potentially Diagnose Autism. –
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Diagnosing autism with MRI is one step closer
Medical researchers have made an important step in diagnosing autism through using MRI, an advance that eventually could help health care providers identify
FDA cracks down on autism treatment – APA
Oct. 15–Products called chelators that are sold over the counter as treatments for autism, heart disease and other conditions are dangerous and illegal,…/PsycPORTArticle.aspx?id…

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