Why Does William Shatner Bully Autistic People?

Why Does William Shatner Bully Autistic People?

Why does William Shatner bully and argue with Autistic youth and adults our actual needs for healthcare and support?

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Autism Speaks

Amanda Seigler Emma Dalmayne John Greally Kieran Rose Christa Holmans Robert Gehrman Âû Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Âû Fiona ClarkeLuciane Hatadani Âû The Autistic Cooperative

The Autistic Cooperative

We are 30K + strong – and with our allies … we are working hard to create a better future for ALL Autistics.

Our Autistic kids are worthy of better than this kind of bully advocacy and activism.

Help Autistic people fight to better Autistic children’s’ future — they deserve better than what Autistic adults are experiencing today.

#staystrong #AutisticAndProud


Eve Reiland



7 Replies to “Why Does William Shatner Bully Autistic People?”

  1. Wouldn’t you like to know?!

    Hmmm …

    for so long in the world of nerds and geeks; autistic was what they did not want to be.

    They did not want their friends or family to be that way either.

    This is pre-Neurotribes when people dug out their ancestors.

    Not all geekish cultures are like that – like the radio whether it’s music or ham radio.

    Or the things which led to the Internet and mass telecommunications.

    Speaking of – I would have said “Hmm, for the same reason Bell bullied deaf people to speak?”

    If it weren’t for the Volta Bureau and its Review and the silent press …

    Will look at the Actual needs for healthcare segment.


  2. “Why does William Shatner bully and argue with Autistic youth and adults [about] our actual needs for healthcare and support?”

    What, it’s not obvious? Lack of empathy and theory of mind, obviously.


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