2017 Campaigns | A Look At The Biggest Hits (FB Live Stream & YouTube)

The Campaigns of note and a look back at 2017 youtube videos from the year stream. (pt1 & pt2) #redinstead #kiehlsxautismspeaks #boycottautismspeaks #boycotttosiri#theautisticsilencers #actuallyautistic #thereal5150 https://www.facebook.com/EveReiland/videos/10155103980282823/   https://www.facebook.com/EveReiland/videos/10155104311937823/?notif_id=1514856338631194   All videos are available on Youtube.   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRyyu3zie_MtgtlAPkuODRa4jLnhzenEq

Activism, A Time For Collaboration & A Time for Confrontation. Judith Newman, I Am That Confrontation. Signed, #AutisticMom | #middlefinger2stigma #boycotttosiri

https://twitter.com/BadassActivist/status/940313709813022720 Just to note, AmericanBadassActivists has upgraded to punk rock activism, top-shelf.  #middlefinger2stigma #boycotttosiri@judithn111 We are worthy of better than you to define the actually autistic community conversation, support and help. Step Off. signed, #AutisticMom

Nothing Crazy in Vegas to LOL About

https://www.facebook.com/genevievechoatehinson/posts/10154877507982823?pnref=story   Please say you're re-thinking the 5150 lifestyle as a choice to be promoted after Vegas. This the real ugly of "crazy." 51 FIFTY Energy Drink. In America, there's the freedom to be an asshole. Still doesn't make it right. Eve Hinson Yeah, the PTSD that's coming for so many of these survivors ... omg. nothing … Continue reading Nothing Crazy in Vegas to LOL About

News Coverage: 51Fifty Energy Drink Debate in Unusual Turn

  51FIFTY energy drink debate takes unusual turn Foundation related to 51FIFTY drink starts campaign to end mental illness stigma Mental health advocates launch campaign that advocates for autism Supporters of 51FIFTY get vocal TheMighty.com: Energy Drink 51Fifty Under Fire for Stigmatizing Mental Illness “It’s important to us that we source local products. 51Fifty energy … Continue reading News Coverage: 51Fifty Energy Drink Debate in Unusual Turn