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Hey all, I live with severe PTSD. I Hear Your Stigma … | Eve Reiland

Hey all, I live with severe PTSD. When you talk shit about ‘crazy people’ — I hear your stigma. I feel it. Please don’t applaud me on my being outspoken and then turn and scream stigma when news of the worst ugliness hits. I’m currently working hard out of a huge ptsd flare up … […]

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Carlos Vieira: Time to Show Respect to #TheReal5150 and those living with mental illness

My stay in 2012 at Community Behavioral Health Center was not like the ones described here. Thankfully, I was able to be stabilized for suicide compulsion and got the Band Aid needed for that crisis. Many of my peers have stories that aren’t so positive .(Note: this is a general statement not directed specifically to […]