ABA Haterade, Spill on! Ryan Hendry Takes One for the #ActuallyAutistic Team and #Resists Ridicule

"So, another ABA Lobbyist decides to take aim at #actuallyautistic people who speak up about ABA and talk about how it harmed us. Apparently we’re a “dangerous subculture” and I’m a “moron”. Parents, I ask you, is this someone you’d trust with your child?" -- Ryan Hendry‏  @RyanHendry94 https://twitter.com/RyanHendry94/status/946960206893846528

The Autistic Front | #DontFailDale [17.12.21]

https://youtu.be/DEdzVGwmPO8 Remember Dale? . . . https://youtu.be/KcJaJiI4Acs Dale was restrained for 6 minutes and is now suffering trauma and fears school. It’s no longer a safe space for him. Dale’s parents have struggled with the school system for IEP compliance, and other matters unacceptable for their child’s education. The U.S. Department of Education is investigating …

Mom Demands Better For Her Bullied & Bloodied Autistic Son, And All Children| Colorado

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100156415984973&set=a.524205902073.2050975.206201428 (If it is on your heart to share - please feel free to, we need to protect our students from bullying and raise awareness to the issues facing our at-risk students) My child is incredibly intelligent, funny, and wonderful. He also has high-functioning autism. Most people who interact with him would never recognize his …

Autism is nothing to fear. Are you scared of me?

the silent wave

I live in the US, where the predominant feeling surrounding the autism spectrum is fear. Parents decline to vaccinate their children because because they’re afraid they’ll wind up autistic.

Parents, I hear you, on a certain level. Some children really do react badly to vaccines. I’ve heard too many stories, even from people I know–reasonable people whose kids are changed in some way after getting their shots. I can’t/won’t ignore you.

I’m telling you though, I don’t care what the doctor or psychologist told you: if your child didn’t respond well to a vaccine, it might have been a cytokine reaction, but it’s not autism. The medical providers may have called it that, handing down a diagnosis even. It may even *look* like autism. There might be some overlap of outwardly visible characteristics.

But I’m a doctor, too. And I’ve done the research. And it’s *not* autism.

I’ll tell…

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Letter to SaveMart: Please Pull Stigma From Your Shelves

Hey folks -- I just messaged Save Mart Supermarkets this message below on their site. If you feel so inclined to advocate with me please contact them here: https://www.savemart.com/about/contact/contact-us Greetings, I'm reaching out because I’m disappointed a store as community-based as Save Mart is helping to promote the stigma of mental illness to their customers …