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Trauma-Related Brain Disorder: When PTSD Caused Functional Neurological Disorder … | Eve Reiland

Note: Just some thoughts prompted by the article: Functional neurological disorders associated with early life trauma Functional Neurological Disorder is what my disability is called and they’re learning more about it every day. Interesting, hadn’t heard Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) referred as a trauma-related brain disorder. I was educated the root of it was PTSD […]

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Jenny McCarthy – Wikipedia | Circa 1972 – Current

Source: Jenny McCarthy – Wikipedia Jenny McCarthy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     Jump to navigationJump to search Jenny McCarthy McCarthy in 2006 Born Jennifer Ann McCarthy November 1, 1972 (age 46) Evergreen Park, Illinois, U.S.[1] Other names Jenny Wahlberg[2] Alma mater Southern Illinois University Occupation Actress, model, television host, author, activist, screenwriter Years active 1993–present Television The Jenny […]

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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa May 4, 2009

Mon, May 4, 2009, 4:13 AM | Google News Alert for: autism Autism and Seizures – Will Gene Research Save the Day?Age of Autism – Trumbull,USAThere was nothing abnormal in the results — nothing that would explain why a 16-year-old with an autismdiagnosis, who had never had a seizure, …See all stories on this topic New Series: Must-Have Educational […]