ABA Haterade, Spill on! Ryan Hendry Takes One for the #ActuallyAutistic Team and #Resists Ridicule

"So, another ABA Lobbyist decides to take aim at #actuallyautistic people who speak up about ABA and talk about how it harmed us. Apparently we’re a “dangerous subculture” and I’m a “moron”. Parents, I ask you, is this someone you’d trust with your child?" -- Ryan Hendry‏  @RyanHendry94 https://twitter.com/RyanHendry94/status/946960206893846528

#Autistics and #AutisticCulture Mocked by Judith Newman & Friends | Twitter Screens (Working on transcribing 1 @ time) #boycotttosiri

https://www.facebook.com/EveReiland/videos/10155093031582823/ screens IMG_6283 "I will have to figure how to do this." -- Friend "it's easy. just go to the one star reviews and you will see something next to them that say 'report abuse"-- Judith Newman "Very easy, I just did it." -- Friend "Why is someone targeting you? WTF?!!" -- Friend "I just …