Agony Triples – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

Slipped in my needThought I’d be out foreverThen I looked up and discoveredSomeone like youAnd thought, wowShe’d make me freeGravitational attraction towards depressionSleeping in to two to avoid the truthI missed my chance to have youEvery sunset, I remember the eveningsWhere I’d leave and say goodbyeNever realizing what might’ve happenedIf I stayedNow I say I … Continue reading Agony Triples – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

By Nature – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

Downtrodden grass marks the pathOf a man who’s walked too oftenTo the corner of the streetAnd backAfraid to push past his limitationsUnaware that he even canThe shingles are loose, the mailboxLong emptied of past due subscriptionsNobody cares that he’s hangingBy the thinnest of threadsA brown recluse by natureThe world strung him up and askedBe an … Continue reading By Nature – DeveReaux’s Newfound Words