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Before You Sticker Autistics: Reality Snapshot of Autistic, Divergent & Disabled Stigma & Abuse

The abuse towards Autistic, Divergent and Disabled people is unGodly and common. Before we talk about identifying ourselves on government ID, being added to registry lists and so forth — take a look at what I see day in and day out. Headlines of how we’re treated by loved ones, caregivers, school employees, teachers, law […]

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Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto: Final Draft Version (2018) – Neurodiversity Manifesto: Labour Party Launch

The Manifesto is structured as follows: Our key principles The realities of our current situation Policies to challenge discrimination and inequality 1. Key principles Our key principles are: • The social model of disability: Disability is caused by society creating barriers to the equal participation of impaired (or neurologically different) people. • The neurodiversity approach: […]