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You Might Be Wondering If It’s OK To Stim In Public … | Not An Autism Mom

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Autism Didn’t Ruin That Event. My Own Expectations Did. – Not an Autism Mom

Keeping their needs in mind   A few months ago, I watched a home video on Facebook. It really disturbed me, and to this day, it still weighs on my mind. It was Christmas time, and the family was gathered in Grandma’s living room. There were untouchable trinkets EVERYWHERE (because, well, it’s Grandma’s house). Santa […]

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Before You Start Grieving for Your Autistic Child… – Not an Autism Mom

Three years ago, I was the parent of a newly diagnosed autistic child. When the doctor first gave me his diagnosis, so many thoughts and emotions ran through my mind, through my heart, throughout my entire body. I was too busy and overwhelmed at the time to put my finger on exactly what those feelings were. His […]