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  • Cure Autism Now: Autism Research Funded By NIH | Nov. 5, 1996

    Principal Investigator: LOVAAS, OLE I UCLA 405 HILGARD AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90024-1563 Performing Organization: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Amount: $35,018 per year Title: MULTISITE YOUNG AUTISM PROJECTGrant Expires in : 3 Fiscal Year(s) Abstract:AUTISM is a severely handicapping condition with onset in early childhood. Most persons with AUTISM require lifelong supervised or institutional […]

  • Cure Autism Now Parent Advisory Board as of June 1996

    The CAN Parent Advisory Board The CAN international parent board will monitor research efforts from around the world, circulate the latest findings among the scientific work group, and coordinate fundraising. CAN believes that it is the interaction between concerned parents and researchers in the field that will help keep motivation high and the pace of […]

  • Cure Autism Now: The Advancement in Pediatric Autism Research Act | 1999

    S.2263HR.4203 This historic legislation is designed to greatly increase funding and awareness of autism, a severe neurological disorder that currently affects over 400,000 individuals in the United States alone, and one in every 500 children born today, at an annual national cost of over $13.3 billion dollars. Sponsored by: The main points of the legislation: […]

  • Families Make the Critical Difference in the Pace of Autism Research | March-April 1997 

    Families Make the Critical Difference in the Pace of Autism Research  The Advocate March-April 1997  by: Portia Iversen & Jonathan Shestack    Families of people with autism have taken the lead in genetic research by forming AGRE, the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange. This is the world’s first truly collaborative gene bank for autism. It is administered with […]

  • Finding A Web Of Support: Online sites offer information and a sense of community | Spring/Summer 1997

    By CARLA KOEHL Park benches will always be great places to pick up parenting tips. So win back fences, doctors’ offices and board-rooms. But for families of children with disabilities, all the chats in the world can’t begin to provide the depth of information-and, often, the level of understanding and sympathy that’s available online. Which […]

  • Cure Autism Now(CAN) Funds research in search of answers | Fall/Winter 1997

    Cure Autism Now(CAN) Funds research in search of answers COSAC Outreach, Fall/Winter 1997  by Jon Shestack     The Cure Autism Now (CAN) foundation was established in California almost two years ago by a group of parents, clinicians and researchers. In looking for answers for their own children and patients, they were shocked to find how little […]

  • Cure Autism Now | July 1997 Update

    CAN Information 5225 Wilshire Blvd. #503 LA CA. 90036 (213) 549-0500, FAX: (213) 549-0547 E-mail: CAN@primenet.com, website: http//www.canfoundation.org UPDATE: July 1997  CAN Biomedical Research Conferences: Los Angeles:CAN has sponsored two conferences for parents and professionals in Los Angeles, featuring Dr. Ricki Robinson, to learn about the latest biological interventions and research. They were attended by over 700 people. In […]