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As Seen On Facebook | You say it cures Autism? Fine. Drink it yourself first. | Crimson Âû

Crimson Âû Hey Bleachers!!!If MMS is as safe as you pretend it to be, drink it yourself first. We’ll see afterwards if you’re still capable of claiming it’s a reliable treatment.🖕😝🖕🍸🍹🥃🥤 Activism International

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Meme | Feel No Guilt Removing Toxic People From Your Life

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Meme | Judith Newman, Naaaah It’s Not Me …

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NT-Mom, Judith Newman, Prompts Autistic-Mom, Eve Reiland, to Out Herself. #TrueStory #AIB | #boycotttosiri

Judith Newman refers to Autistics like “Men In Black” (MIB) movie characters – we’re everywhere. This is true. We really are everywhere. So many Autistics live their lives “blending” or “in the closet,” and refuse to be subjected to even more stigma and diminishment by sharing their neurotype to NTs. So yes, this theory may […]

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16 MUST SEE Memes That Nail What It’s Like To Have an “Autism Parent”

Originally posted on Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance:
Image: A small child with blonde hair and a confused expression on their face is buckled into a car seat.  White text reads: “When your autism parents get pissy with an autistic adult because they are not exactly like you even though you are only…

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Meme | Checklist For Parents of Autistics

Ty to John Greally for sharing this in Autistics Worldwide. 

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SPARK! This Shit | Autistic Ambassadors & Activists of #TheAutisticUnion Respond

To Date:  SPARK is a company collecting a huge number of DNA samples from Autistics to figure out how to stop Autism or stop Autistics.  Recently Spark Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Sarah Elliott Carpenter, requested to advertise in the Autistic Worldwide Collective private group on Facebook.  John Greally, Autistic Ambassador (NZ), communicates with Spark, discusses their anti-autistic […]