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Autism and Scientology again | Left Brain Right Brain | Circa March 9, 2007

Autism and Scientology again 9MAR Awhile ago, I wrote a post the detailed the disturbing links between the DAN! movement and scientology. It transpired that scientology – being a movement that is big on non psychiatric modes of treatments is a good fit for DAN! adherents. Both value detoxification for a range of things and it seems Scientologists […]

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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Fri, May 8, 2009

Google News Alert for: autism In autism class, play is developmentJacksonville Journal-Courier – Jacksonville,IL,USAFour years ago, when Richard joined Ms. Walker in the District 117’s class for students with autism held at Washington Elementary School, counting by fives …See all stories on this topic Art to help autismBelleville News Democrat – IL, USAMueller was always interested in and had met Hillyer’s son, […]