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As Seen On Facebook | Research on autistic eye tracking interestingly… – Âûtistic News Feed

Âûtistic News Feed Published by John Greally · Yesterday at 1:58 AM ·  Research on autistic eye tracking interestingly showed: – THE RIGHT FOCUS: There is no right or wrong focus for eyes, no right or wrong attention pathway to take in a scene or image. – SEARCHING FOR THE CONSONANT: Almost any element of auditory processing disorder (it’s […]

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As Seen On Facebook | Autistics are very tolerant and very adaptable…. | Âûtistic News Feed

Autistics are very tolerant and very adaptable.The question being “why should they have to be very anything?”. If your perspective says otherwise – perhaps you should listen and learn from the autistic perspective. Imagine the anxiety, the exhausting alertness, the traumas and impacts, the sense of loss for autistics doing ‘double-duty’ every single day: trying […]

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As Seen On Facebook: CDC, The Truth in A Statistic & The Facts | John Greally

To find truth in a statistic, sometimes you need to apply autistic attention to detail, autistic bluntness, autistic logic, autistic dispassion, autistic focus. Fact 1: The CDC does not directly obtain these statistics themself. They fund specialists, epidemiologists — very special statistical and medical scientists, grouped as the ADDM (Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network) […]

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As Seen On Facebook | OMG, really? Well Autistic culture illiteracy is thick with martyrmoms. … via Eve Reiland

OMG, really? Well Autistic culture illiteracy is thick with martyrmoms. I mean I know that, but it’s like wow — they pulled the “let me speak to your manager” bs with John Greally, a founder of The Autistic Cooperative. He was to give me a scolding for sharing the images. He was to have a talk with […]

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As Seen On Facebook | Comments In Response to “I Wish I never Had A Child” post …  via Eve Reiland 

Sally Russell I “hear” more venting in these posts than hate. The parent (s) are extremely overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, with no relief ever in sight, as it’s already been “war” for 30 years. Their minds are in continual shock. They still say they are concerned over what will happen with their adult child when they (the […]

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MARGAUX WOSK (CA) Reliving my (painful) past Laurie Guerra has stepped down. | Navigating Life Autistic advocates call for AutismBC director to step down – YouTube More >> JOHN GREALLY (NZ) Tumblr Returns to Apple’s App Store Amid Forthcoming Porn Ban Tissue transplant recipient expresses gratitude Caution: EDS – Handle With Care – National Pain Report More >> CALLUM BRAZZO (UK) […]

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Top Ten Stories of 2018 |

1. AUTISTIC ACTIVISTS RESPOND TO “FINDING COOPER’S VOICE” NON-AUTISTIC MOM VIDEO Emma Dalmayne, Badass UK activist, shares her thoughts on video with a note from John Greally, Founder of International Autistic Cooperative. 2. AMERICAN IDOL – SHE IS A 21ST CENTURY MACHINE…THIS IS CATIE TURNER! Video of Catie Turner’s Auditon. 3. ANTI-VACCINE PARENTS GET SLAMMED BY ADAM […]