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The Autism Community “Not Like My Child” Argument Has Been Updated To “My Child Is Too Disabled To Be A Self-advocate.” – Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland 8 hrs ·  I see the ‘not like my child and ‘too autistic and not autistic enough’ bs flying about right now. Now that argument has been updated to “my child is too disabled to be a self-advocate.” Which means what? I’ve been mute, having wild body twitches, tics, tremors, and drooling and Bill […]

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Autism Speaks Is A Source of Ugly, Not The Solution for Autistics Being Bullied On Tik Tok. A$: Focus On Your Own Bullies & Mess. | Eve Reiland

Autism Speaks has no business getting into an online protest about Autistics being mocked, stigmatized and bullied. All they’re going to do is make it worse and then claim some ‘advocacy’ victory to try and look like the ‘good guy’. This horrible, brutal mockery of Autistics online and in person … this is the culture […]

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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly | Corona Virus Quackery, The Burden Generation & Antivaxxer History: Bernard Rimland

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Weekly / Episode 2 Divergent News: Corona Virus and the Quackaroos BS & The Quackery: The Burden Generation According to Autism Speaks Culture & Community: The Memes, Stim Time Activists & Allies: The History Of The Ableist Puzzle Piece by Cassie Crosman from In The Loop About Neurodiversity Autistic History: “Don’t Mourn […]

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A New Decade of Autism Appreciation – In the Loop About Neurodiversity

As 2020 approaches, it is almost the start of not only a new year, but a new decade. It has been over twenty years since the term, “neurodiversity” was coined in 1998. How has the neurodiversity movement progressed throughout the decades, and what should the next decade look like for autistic advocacy? In the 1990’s […]

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3 Autistic & Disabled Discrediting Tactics To Know | Video

From Jim Sinclair | Any attempt by a group of disempowered people to challenge the status quo has been met by remarkably similar efforts to discredit them. The discrediting tactics used most frequently are: 1) If at all possible, to deny that the persons mounting the challenge are really members of the group to which […]

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3 Discredit tactics used against Autistic (and Disabled) people … | Look familiar @BillyMann?

Discredit tactics used against Autistic (and Disabled) people … Short version: 1. Deny Autistics are Really Autistic. 2.Diminish Person’ Experience: Tell an Autistic they aren’t Autistic enough … or then they are a “rare exception” (not like my child argument, “autistic lite”) 3. Use Prejudice: Too Autistic and disabled to have a voice or opinion. […]

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Jim Sinclair’s Web Site 

Jim Sinclair’s Web Site     ABOUT AUTISM Terminology A note about language and abbreviations used on this site Why I dislike person first language Personal articles Thoughts About Empathy  (1988)  Bridging the Gaps: An Inside-Out View of Autism  (1989)  What Does Being Different Mean?  (1992) – editor’s column from Volume 1, Issue 1 of “Our Voice”  Don’t […]