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Chelation: Miracle Autism Treatment or ‘Voodoo Medicine’? | Circa July 10, 2008

July 10, 2008 09:02 AM   by Cara McDonough Many parents say chelation, a process that removes heavy metals from the body, cures their autistic children. Critics claim a study of the controversial method would be unethical.   Some government researchers are pushing for a federal study of chelation in autism, pressured by parents who believe in the […]

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Heavy Metals, Chelation and Lupron – Exposing AutismOne

HEAVY METALS, CHELATION AND LUPRON The hypothesis of heavy metal poisoning as a cause of autism originates from the idea that mercury in vaccines cause autism. The vaccine/autism issue is discussed elsewhere on this site. Many speakers at AutismOne who promote chelation therapy have, themselves, been allegedly involved in some tragic deaths of patients undergoing unwarranted treatments. […]