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Autism Speaks is basically a hate group | Opinions |

Autism Speaks has gained a fair amount of exposure and popularity as an organization. I’ve seen their logo used in countless ways, and have known people who participated in their walks. However, it is a group that I—and many others—have refused to support due to their history of demonizing people with autism, ignoring their voices, […]

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Fierce Autie: NTahiti Compared to Tuxedo Park, NY

Recently, the site was made public. It is the proposal that neurotypical people need an island away from all neurodiverse people. This is not the first time a concept like this has been enacted. Tuxedo Park, NY was formed on a similar principle. Instead of keeping the neurodiverse out, they kept all non-white, non-Protestant […]

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As Seen On Facebook | Wow, the autistic hate here from William Shatner. | Eve Reiland

Wow, the autistic hate here from William Shatner.  I’m going to fix his tweet: Autistic people hate Autism Speaks so when Julia the muppet aligned with an Autistic Hate Group on a PSA, Autistic People cut their ties.  That’s what Autistic People do when their civil and human rights are violated.  There, fixed it. Sesame Street #LightItUpGold and create […]

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An Open Letter to The Mighty on Their Continued Support of The Hate Group Autism Speaks | Circa Mar 29, 2017

Mar 29, 2017   I just sent the email below to various people at The Mighty regarding their continued support of Autism Speaks, which has long been known to be a hate group. I recently saw that The Mighty is partnering with Autism Speaks (AS). We need to have a conversation about this and I sincerely hope […]