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Monsanto gets injunction against California’s mandated cancer warning for glyphosate – Science-Based Medicine

Jann Bellamy on July 30, 2020 In June, a federal district court ruled that California’s Proposition 65 cancer warning requirement for glyphosate violates the First Amendment rights of Monsanto and other plaintiffs and forbade the state from enforcing the warning mandate via a permanent injunction. (National Ass’n of Wheat Growers et al. v. Becerra [PDF])  […] Source: Monsanto […]

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Glyphosate causes autism – another debunked vaccine myth

Another one of those pseudoscientific tropes from the anti-vaccine religion has reared its ugly Bigfoot head – glyphosate causes autism. And, of course, Source: Glyphosate causes autism – another debunked vaccine myth

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GMOs/Glyphosate – Exposing AutismOne

  GMOS/GLYPHOSATE Many AutismOne speakers promote the idea that the introduction of genetically engineered food in the mid-1990s and the use of glyphosate (RoundUp) are the cause of autism. This argument stems almost entirely from the claims of Stephanie Seneff, a computer scientist. The crux of Seneff’s claims is that the increase in autism rates […]