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For years, autistic people have been condemning the use of the colorful jigsaw puzzle piece that stands as an international symbol for autism awareness. But their voices haven’t been able to overpower the media push to use the symbol. It’s everywhere: on clothing, keychains, coffee mugs, license plates, organization logos and promotional materials. Many families […]

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Neurodiversity in the Mainstream News | Neurodiversity News

With Steve Silberman’s NeuroTribes having been released in 2015, it seems that the Neurodiversity Movement had reached a new chapter in its development. As a result, the concept of neurodiversity has slowly permeated into the mainstream media. A great piece of evidence that proves that notion is Lilia Luciano’s article (and video accompanying it), “Adults with Autism: […]

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All Gone. All Gone. | Life 1.0 – The Ghost Beneath Me | Eve Reiland

(This event took place about 1996 and I wrote about it years later, as seen here, sometime in 2008). Autism entered our lives with a scream and a bang.* The noise, drama and haunting words of ‘all gone’ added to ignorance covered up the fact, but it was autism all the same. Jared and I […]

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Then & Now: “Autism Community” Advocacy Vs “Autistic Community” Advocacy | Eve Reiland

vs. Oh, can you spot the “autism community” advocacy headline? Can you see the Autistic parent of an autistic headline? Yes, Jenny McCarthy and I have history. We’ve done the mom vs mom bs before way back in 2008 (Eve is short for Genevieve). To think all these years Autistic people and our voices were […]

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Look who’s playing with the quacks while commodifying autistic people and so on … Kate Swenson of Finding Cooper’s Voice | Eve Reiland

Oh this is no shock, look who’s playing with the quacks while commodifying autistic people and so on … Finding Cooper’s Voice, Kate Swenson. This is why they fight to be the voice of their child so greatly? This is why they silence Autistic people so forcibly? This is why they want all the fans, […]

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Interview: Eve Reiland | Neurodiversity News

This week on Neurodiversity News, I’ve interviewed Eve Reiland, who has firsthand experience fighting the infamous organization, Autism Speaks. Like the name of the website she created, Eve really does embody the title of Badass Activist. Neurodiversity News: Tell me about yourself and what you do. Eve Reiland: I’m an autistic activist, writer, and artist. […]

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Wear Your Mask, Support The Health Of Your Community

Wear Your Mask, Support The Health Of Your Community Also, Vaccines don’t cause autism. #Fact