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Djokovic receives death threats in graffiti as Adria Tour farce sees several tennis stars test positive for coronavirus – The Irish Sun

  TENNIS world No1 Novak Djokovic has received death threats after hosting a tennis tournament that saw several stars contract coronavirus. He was as slammed for his “boneheaded” decision to host the tour in Croatia – ignoring strict social-distancing rules and even dancing topless in a nightclub. … Source: Djokovic receives death threats in graffiti […]

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‘I Am Autism’ Advocacy Video Sparks Controversy – TIME | Circa November 6, 2009

By Claudia Wallis Friday, Nov. 06, 2009 Few medical conditions rival autism as a magnet for controversy. Practically everything about the disorder — its cause, its treatment, the way it is diagnosed, how it is studied — is subject to bitter dispute, sometimes to the point of death threats. The most impassioned disagreements are propelled by desperate […]