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Autism Speaks Co-Opts Autistic Culture in Marketing Rebrand | They Call It A Kindness

Here are some tweets they sent out and responses from the Autistic Community. Screens as See On Twitter. Archiving them for Autistic History too. Autism Speaks …. Remember When?

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Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for everyone with autism | Columnists |

Autism Speaks is an international charity organization that works to promote awareness about autism. After looking at the finances and graphs that Autism Speaks has published, I have an issue. Source: Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for everyone with autism | Columnists |

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#AutisticsRise | The Latest in Autistic Activists & the Autistic Revolution 2018

Autistic Activists are Rockin’ The Autistic Revolution! Will you join us? #AutisticsRise Latest Articles . . . FDA: End abusive electric shocks on Autistic & Disabled people for behaviour modification | Sign The Petition ********** GRAPHIC VIDEO OF ROTENBERG CENTER & Electric Shock Abuse *****************  Autistic Abuser Alert | Autistic Mom & Activist, Emma Dalmayne, […]

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wake. bake. caffeinate. (01.12.18) | Dispatch From The Autistic Front: #AutisticSilencers

wake. bake. caffeinate. | Dispatch From The Autistic Front Want to join me and see if we can follow the money and power of A$, and some other uglies? . . . and #actuallyautistic say sparkthisshit. No, not awareness — acceptance. So many places already getting it utterly fucking wrong for April.

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Judith Newman, Why Can’t We Hear You Now? | #boycotttosiri

So, now that we’re clear what you and your friends really think of Autistic people . . . how’s that book selling? Your words. Your friends words.  Made me think of a nail in the autism-career coffin. Not  my words, yours. You have behaved in every way a bully to the Autistic community. You are […]

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2017 Campaigns | A Look At The Biggest Hits (FB Live Stream & YouTube)

The Campaigns of note and a look back at 2017 youtube videos from the year stream. (pt1 & pt2) #redinstead #kiehlsxautismspeaks #boycottautismspeaks #boycotttosiri#theautisticsilencers #actuallyautistic #thereal5150 All videos are available on Youtube.

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Autism Speaks Publishes Best-Selling Hit Pieces (aka Books) To Discredit Autistic Activists | John Greally

That book was seed-funded privately by wealthy A$ folk, to be force-written as the “antidote” to the real clarion call, ‘Neurotribes’ by Steve Silberman. As each of Steve’s pre-publicity snippets and known penchants became known, were released or ferreted or filtered through, this scurrilous book took to doing a hit-job on JUST those parts, as […]