” . . . Autistics are in Fact Enemies of Free Thought & Free Speech” | Judith Newman #boycotttosiri

"Beginning to think well meaning people of #actuallyautistic are in face enemies of free thought and free speech. Which is not so good, coming from a group who say they've been silenced. " - Judith Newman, author of "To Siri With Love." These are the ideas for which Autistics are Now The Enemies of Free …

Judith Newman | Stop The BS and Evolve into an Actual Autistic Ally #boycotttosiri

I'm an Autistic mom to Autistic kids, and a non-autistic kiddo. My introduction to the world of "Autism" was through the diagnosis of my oldest son when he was 12, back in the 2000s.  Which, at the time of diagnosis, didn't make any sense to me. My son was like me, and sure, needed more …

Air Goddess


Not dainty enough for the boy next door, too much woman for the average man

Detached, not overly emotional, I stepped off before it began

Too smart to be taken by words and aimless dreams

I don’t have relationships just understandings, it seems

I can give love and support but I will not chase

My attention span is short so I tend to move on in haste

I can be among the masses at any time yet belong to no one but myself

Extremely observant, constantly dissecting my surroundings, I put nothing on the shelf

I have a voyeristic curiousity about people from time to time

The adventurous, risky side is obscured by the cool, calm demeanor, I’m

Someone you’ll never know everything about or all my innermost thoughts

Private, prone to vanish, disconnect, sometimes I have to be sought

Out of sight truly means out of mind to me

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Learning to accept my autistic son | By Eve Reiland (nee Hinson) circa 2008

(Originally posted Apr 17 2008 12:00am) My son was born after midnight during the cooler days of May, before the Central Valley could blaze triple-digit temperatures. The delivery room was packed full of people. The doctor, several nurses, my husband, my parents and my mother-in-law were in attendance. As my son emerged into the world, …