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Why Being Called “Dramatic” Is Both Completely Wrong and Psychologically Damaging to Autistic People | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent Collective

Being told that autistic neurological reactions are dramatic and overblown is an often-unintentional but very real cause of complex trauma. Source: Why Being Called “Dramatic” Is Both Completely Wrong and Psychologically Damaging to Autistic People | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent Collective

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The ongoing battle for accurate representation for autistic people

Autistic writer and performer Callum Brazzo with his weekly column, Autistic Lincs.   Hello there! Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs. Fresh off the comedy club last weekend at the South Holland Centre, I witnessed the joys of laughing together as one community. One of my autistic community’s own, Britain’s Got Talent finalist […]

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How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Hurts Autistic Families – VAXOPEDIA

Autism is not vaccine damage. Instead of a deficit model, it is best seen through a neurodiversity model, which “sees autistic individuals as possessing a complex combination of cognitive str… Source: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Hurts Autistic Families – VAXOPEDIA

Advocates & Activists | the autistic distinction | Circa August 20, 2004

The Autistic Distinction on the occasion of Gayle Fitzpatrick and Charles Rankowski vs. Town of Falmouth by Kathleen Seidel Society often ostracizes those whose existence, behavior and experience counters simplistic, unexamined assumptions and expectations. Members of a cognitive minority who frequently interact with people whose perspective is grounded in a significantly different neurological configuration, autistic citizens […]

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Autism $peaks | Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Autism speaks)Jump to navigationJump to search Founded February 11, 2005; 13 years ago[1] Founders Bob Wright,Suzanne Wright[2] Merger of National Alliance for Autism Research,[3]Cure Autism Now[4] Tax ID no. 20-2329938[5] Legal status 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Headquarters New York City[5] Coordinates 40.7477494°N 73.9843983°WCoordinates: 40.7477494°N 73.9843983°W Services Research, awareness, family services, advocacy.[5] President, Chief Executive Officer Angela […]