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GRAPHIC: Utah police release footage after officers shoot 13-year-old boy video:

(Click source link to view video. Warning: It is GRAPHIC) SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A 13-year-old Utah boy with autism was shot by police after his mother asked for help getting him hospital mental-health treatment and officers agreed to talk with him, police footage released Monday showed. The videos show Salt Lake City officers […]

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For years, autistic people have been condemning the use of the colorful jigsaw puzzle piece that stands as an international symbol for autism awareness. But their voices haven’t been able to overpower the media push to use the symbol. It’s everywhere: on clothing, keychains, coffee mugs, license plates, organization logos and promotional materials. Many families […]

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Mental Health And Police Violence: How Crisis Intervention Teams Are Failing

Nationwide protests over police accountability and racial justice have reenergized longstanding efforts to fundamentally change how police departments respond to someone in a mental health emergency. Many are calling for removing or dramatically reducing law enforcement’s role in responding to those crisis calls unless absolutely necessary. Since 2015, nearly a quarter of all people killed by police officers in America have […]

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Coronavirus: Vendors exposed selling bleach as remedy

Suppliers have been selling bleach as a remedy for coronavirus during the pandemic, a BBC investigation found. Secret recordings of two sellers revealed potentially dangerous mixtures were being touted as a way to treat people with Covid-19. One claimed her sales had increased following comments made by US President Donald Trump about the potential use of […]

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Snapshot | Google Alerts – autism | Circa May 15, 2011

News9 new results for autism   Fever during pregnancy, diabetes and obesity may raise autism riskUSA TodayBy Jenifer Goodwin HealthDay Having the flu during pregnancy isn’t associated with a heightened risk of autism or developmental delay in children, although having a fever during pregnancy might be. By Getty Images Recent research has found that the …See all stories on this topic »USA […]

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Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: The Politics of Autism and Vaccines | Circa February 26, 2009

   Autism / Spectrum Disorders In the Spotlight | More Topics |    from Lisa Jo Rudy This week, yet again, the question of whether autism can be or is caused by vaccines is big news. A major article in Newsweek argues against a connection; a media blitz including a full-page ad in USA Today “breaks” news that the Vaccine Court […]

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Snapshot | Google alerts – autism | Circa October 27, 2008

Google News Alert for: autism New ways to diagnose autism earlierAbilene Reporter-News – Abilene,TX,USABy Jeremy Singer-Vine Scientists have begun looking for signs of autism in children as young as a few months. Diagnosis allows parents to initiate …See all stories on this topic BRITT EDWARDS: Clarity in autism approachGeelong Advertiser – Geelong,Victoria,AustraliaMANY of us know of someone who is autistic. An increasing number of […]