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Google News Alert for: autism | Circa Oct 6, 2008

Mon, Oct 6, 2008, 3:34 PM |Google News Alert for: autism Nonprofit Provides Funding for Early Intensive Autism TreatmentBlogger News Network – USAToday’s Hope is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide families of children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders with access to early …See all stories on this topic Red Hot & Blue To Host Autism Fundraiser TonightLeesburg Today – […]

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Autism’s False Prophets – Paul Offit

All royalties from sales of Autism’s False Prophets will be donated to the Autism Science Foundation. A London researcher was the first to assert that the combination measles-mumps-rubella vaccine known as MMR caused autism in children. Following this “discovery,” a handful of parents declared that a mercury-containing preservative in several vaccines was responsible for the […]