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The Yearly Shatner Shit Show In The Name Of @AutismSpeaks Has Begun | Yes, It Started Early This Year | #kindnesscounts

Screens for now. Working on transcribe to be posted soon.

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Fierce Autistic Advocate: Autistic History: AUT10k or MSSNG project and Parallels to T4 from World War II

The organization we love to hate, Autism Speaks, teamed up with google to create the largest genome data base for autism on June 10, 2014. This was originally called AUT10k. It stands for Autism 10,000 genomes.  Autism Speaks lacks autistic representation. They lack autistic membership on the board. There are only two autistic board members. […]

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wake. bake. caffeinate. (01.11.18) | TW: Going into some dark #autistichistory, eugenics, euthanasia, gas chambers & #betterdeadthandisabled 

BE WARNED. TRIGGER WARNING FOR HOLOCAUST video, imagery and Aktion t4 program. wake. bake. caffeinate. | Going into some #autistichistory and this shit is Nazi, gas chamber, eugenics, euthanasia ugly. This is the dark … and if you think this era is over — it’s not. Now it looks kinder, softer and sports blue puzzle pieces, google […]