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Anti-Vaxxer Protesting COVID Tests Berates Officer Who Pulled Her Over: ‘Jesus Is More Powerful Than You’

Awoman in Greenville, South Carolina ranted at a police officer after she was pulled over while driving a vehicle decked out in posters and flags expressing opposition to COVID-19 testing. The now-viral video recorded on Main Street in downtown Greenville shows the woman demanding to see the officer’s badge and declaring she has “three Navy […]

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Consumers should be alert to new scams during coronavirus crisis

Agencies urge consumers to remain vigilent to phony deals during pandemic   When three Bradenton men were charged last month with selling a “miracle cure” for COVID-19, they joined a growing list of alleged scams tied to the coronavirus outbreak. In Florida, the Federal Trade Commission has received more than 9,300 reports of fraud from […]

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Alec Baldwin hosts an Instagram live with notorious anti-vaxxer | indy100

  Alec Baldwin has been slammed after hosting an Instagram live with an anti-vaxxer, Robert F Kennedy. Jr (yes, who is related to the Kennedys). Kennedy and Baldwin appeared on Instagram live together late last week, and for an hour, Kennedy spread misinformation about vaccine safety, about the potential death toll from Covid-19 and cast […]

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Kanye West, bipolar disorder and me: When I hear Kanye’s rants, I remember my own delusions |

  By DARRYL ROBERTSON I was spooked, running around New York City trying to dodge death. Little blue men were falling from the sky trying to kill me. I’m from the hood, where violence is as normal as crack addiction, and crack houses. I’ve had knives held to my neck. Once, I fought off an […]

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Trans adults more likely to be autistic, researchers find | News | The Times

Transgender and gender-diverse adults are more likely to have autism diagnosed, a Cambridge University study has found.The research shows that people whose gender identity does not correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth are three to six times more likely to be diagnosed as autistic than those whose gender identity matches. […] Source: […]

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Anti-vaxxers start “End Autism Now” campaign. It doesn’t go well. – False Prophets | Circa August 21, 2018

“Advocating to end autism doesn’t make someone a warrior, it makes them a bigot.”                                                                     – Autism warrior mom Mandy Farmer To say the […]

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Coronavirus: Myths vs facts |

  World-renowned expert Dr. Peter Hotez debunks vaccine myths as polling suggests half of Americans would not get a COVID-19 vaccine if and when available.   Author: Marcelino Benito (KHOU) Published: 2:17 PM CDT August 7, 2020 Updated: 6:10 PM CDT August 7, 2020   HOUSTON — There’s growing optimism a coronavirus vaccine could be developed and approved by the Food […]