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Emma Dalmayne | Open Minds Conference Protest – Video

Autistic Inclusive Meets Emma Dalmayne

An update on the police call that were went out on me before we even arrived at Waterford.

We were there representing our organisation, Autistic Inclusive Meets: https://facebook.com/events/427389473…

The ableism, sexual harrassment and hatred we received on Friday November 8th protesting the Open Minds Conference outside Waterford Dooleys Hotel.

Concierge told protestors before we arrived that police had been called as I had threatened to petrol bomb the hotel.

Caroline Adams is the name they used to report me to police. I made no threats of violence or petrol bombing.

On November 8th @AIMautistic protested the Open Mind Conference Dooleys Waterford. Ben Gilroy asked for a picture with me, then if “We could tell everyone we were secret lovers” he asked “Can I touch your bum?”. I was protesting Anti Vaxx rhetoric. I said no to both requests.

As Seen on Facebook | For five years I’ve campaigned and fought against autistic abuse, reporting parents abusing their children with quack treatments to the police and social services. | Emma Dalmayne

Today I make my way to Brighton with fellow AIM director Jenny Payne.

For five years I’ve campaigned and fought against autistic abuse, reporting parents abusing their children with quack treatments to the police and social services.

Reporting sellers of MMS bleach and GcMAF to Trading Standards.





The Labour Party has been incredible, the report I worked on alongside Barry Sheerman MP by the Westminister Autism Commission was brilliant.


Now we have Neurodivergent Labour which I am honoured to be a part of, and the Neurodiversity Manifesto here:


I will speak today alongside Janine Booth Joseph Redford and Annie Morris on why more Labour MP’s need to adopt this into their constituency. This Manifesto will give autistics more rights, make us protected people and asks for regulation of ABA and legislation against quack cures for autism.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, see you soon Graham Hanks Âû and everyone else.

Parents of Newly Diagnosed Kids | A.I.M.

We have many parents with children who are pre diagnosis coming along to our groups, getting a diagnosis is a massive deal!

See our groups here: www.autisticinclusivemeets.org

If you have managed to secure a diagnosis for your autistic child, be proud, you fought hard for it!

It may hurt.

You may feel hurt that your child was unrecognised for so long, that support was not forthcoming from others.

That they themselves have felt ostrasised, not knowing until now that they are autistic.

No one’s to blame. You just got lucky!

There may be fear, fear of the unknown if you yourself are not autistic. Seek out autistic adults, we were once in your child’s position and can help you understand them better.

You may feel guilt that you did not realise until now how different others are from your child.

This is especially common for parents who are unknowingly autistic ourselves, we look at our children and see nothing ‘odd’ as they aren’t.

They are exactly who they are meant to be. 💜🧡💛💚💙

CBS Pulls Attkisson From CPAC Award Event | Left Brain Right Brain

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS journalist best known here for her bias towards those promoting autism as a vaccine injury, was slated to accept an award Thursday from Accuracy In Media (AIM). This was discu…

Source: CBS Pulls Attkisson From CPAC Award Event | Left Brain Right Brain

Event: Autistic Pride Picnic / Autistic Inclusive Meets 

Find Event On Facebook Here.

AIM proudly invite you to our first Autistic Pride event! A celebration of autistic culture, history and our wonderfully diverse families!

We have some wonderful speakers, poets, writers, artists and musicians coming to show the beauty of the #ActuallyAutistic / neurodivergent community.

Please all feel welcome to come along whether you are a lone autistic adult or a family with an autistic or several autistic members!

Pre diagnosed are welcome.

To the adults, you will be around peers and no social demands will be placed upon you to socialise. It’s an afternoon to celebrate being you so stimm openly and know you are wanted.

To the families, please do come. It will be a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself into our culture, our history and hear from OUR side. Bring the kids they are welcome and it will benefit them greatly to meet autistic adults, to see their community and know we are there, loud and proud!

Simply bring a picnic and make your way to Charlton House:


We will put up transport details nearer to the time.

If you are an autistic led org or an individual wishing to be involved please message or email us.

Thank you!Source: (12) Autistic Pride Picnic / Autistic Inclusive Meets

Take Action | AIM, an autistic led organisation are protesting against the lottery funded charity, Treating Autism.

Source: (1) AIM Protest Treating Autism Roadshow.



AIM Protest Treating Autism Roadshow.


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    Monday, May 21 at 10 AM – 2 PM UTC+01
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    AIM, an autistic led organisation are protesting against the lottery funded charity, Treating Autism.

    Treating Autism recommends ABA and have in the past been linked to David Noakes and Jeff Bradstreet who has sold banned blood product GcMAF.


    At this event here they have a spokesperson from Nature Doc, Lucinda Miller’s business.

    Lucinda is registered as a Herbalist and Nutritionist and is based in Sloane Square London.


The Need For Legislation Against Autism “Cures” | AIM & National Autistic Society Meeting

TRIGGER WARNING: the video contains talk of autism cures, abuse and threats of violence.

The fight against the use of so called autism “cures” is ongoing. Some parents are doing whatever they can to “purge” their children of a neurological difference. For four years Emma Dalmayne, of Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM, has trying to raise awareness of the terrible harm these quack cures can cause. For a very long time, our National Autistic Society in the UK has been seemingly reticent about getting involved directly.

On the 15/2/18, Emma Dalmayne met with Jane Harris and Sarah Lambert of the NAS—she was joined by fellow autistic advocate Kieran Rose and Richard Mills, of AT-Autism. They went with one burning question: would the NAS agree to back legislation against autism cures?

For more information, you can watch our interview with Emma Dalmayne here: http://bit.ly/2EE60II
Read a Guardian article about the so-called “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS) here: http://bit.ly/29PgvxA

Sara would have loved to attend this meeting, but couldn’t due to poor health. We wanted to at least help spread the word about this significant moment in autism history. Listen to the full meeting below.