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Action Alert | “Dr. Andy Wakefield” To Spread WooFuckARoo via FB LiveSteam From A Conference In Paris | #Antivaxxer #BleachCult

Action Updates Known: Autistic Activists have contacted General Medical Council. Action Alert Sent Out Tagged journalists and others to make aware of broadcast expected. I can’t speak on the phone, but here’s wakefield’s conference info I received, maybe someone else can call in?: Bonjour Eve Reiland, un membre de notre équipe vous répondra dans les […]

Advocates & Activists Culture & Community Divergent News

Where’s Carly? Family Claims Hacked Facebook Account & Keeping Carly’s Communications “Safe.”

This message was posted to Carly’s Facebook page and then removed. From The Police Department … Matthew Fleischmann, Carly’s brother, posts this message on Facebook. Posted on by Tammy Star: Carly’s Mom