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Texas: Ground zero for the politicization of school vaccine mandates – Science-Based Medicine | Circa March 5, 2018

David Gorski on March 5, 2018 Vaccine policies and school vaccine mandates have traditionally been as close to a nonpartisan issue as there can be in the US. Unfortunately, in Texas antivaccine activists and conservative activists threaten to change that. The antivaccine group Texans for Vaccine Choice has formed an unholy alliance with antiregulation conservative activists to […]

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J.B. Handley versus vaccine science. Again. Not surprisingly, J.B. loses. – Science-Based Medicine | Circa August 13, 2018

by David Gorski  Our old friend anti antivaccine activist J. B. Handley invokes the “vaccines didn’t save us” gambit. It doesn’t go well for him. Regular readers of my not-so-secret other blog are probably aware that a week and a half ago I went undercover, into the belly of the beast so to speak, to an antivaccine […]

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America’s New Normal: Propaganda About the Unhealthiest Generation – VAXOPEDIA | Circa April 18, 2018

Some folks say that our kids are part of the unhealthiest generation ever. Are they right? My son started to have migraines when he was about 11 years old. Must be stress, BPA, poor eating habits, all of the screen time, or vaccines, right? “Americans spend the least on food, the most on health care, […]

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Autism Speaks Partners with Abusive “Therapy” Center | Autistic Mama | Circa 2018

Inside: Autism Speaks partners with abusive “therapy” center, Judge Rottenberg Center. JRC has recently fought for and won the right to torture disabled students, and now Autism Speaks is featuring them as a provider.) Because I’m autistic, my son is autistic, and I’m an outspoken autism advocate, roughly 80% of the news stories I see on […]

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#QuackWatch | Open Letter To ABC30 | Report On Real Autistic Community Issues & Stop Promoting Quackery As Treatment | Eve Reiland

We’ve got an issue here in Fresno, California with quackery posing as real healthcare for Autistic and other vulnerable people. Last year, a news piece about new alternative therapy for Autistic children was aired on ABC30. The piece introduced a four-year-old Autistic boy and his mom, presumably non-Autistic, and then it went on to describe […]

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Labour Party Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto: Final Draft Version (2018) – Neurodiversity Manifesto: Labour Party Launch

The Manifesto is structured as follows: Our key principles The realities of our current situation Policies to challenge discrimination and inequality 1. Key principles Our key principles are: • The social model of disability: Disability is caused by society creating barriers to the equal participation of impaired (or neurologically different) people. • The neurodiversity approach: […]

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A Spectrum of Harmful Interventions –  Westminster Commission on Autism

Our new report ‘A Spectrum of Harmful Interventions’ is available HERE!  Autistic people are offered harmful treatments – Westminster inquiry finds Complex regulation and a lack o… Source: A Spectrum of Harmful Interventions – new report HERE! – Westminster Commission on Autism