Vaccines and Sudden Unexplained Death in Children – VAXOPEDIA |Circa May 14, 2018

How are vaccines connected with sudden unexplained death in children? Can a child be fine one day and then die the next?Tragically, they can.There is even a name for it – sudden unexplained death in childhood.Sudden Death in ChildrenAlthough 10% of deaths in children over age 12 months are classified as sudden death, most have explanations, … Continue reading Vaccines and Sudden Unexplained Death in Children – VAXOPEDIA |Circa May 14, 2018

An Overview of Autism in Children | Updated Circa Feb 5, 2018

Updated February 05, 2018Autism, by definition, can only be diagnosed if symptoms appear before age three. As a result, autism is usually diagnosed in children—often in children as young as three years old or even younger. Yes, there are circumstances in which autism is diagnosed in teens or adults, but the average age of diagnosis … Continue reading An Overview of Autism in Children | Updated Circa Feb 5, 2018

Autism $peaks | Circa 2005 – Present

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Autism speaks)Jump to navigationJump to search FoundedFebruary 11, 2005; 13 years ago[1]FoundersBob Wright,Suzanne Wright[2]Merger ofNational Alliance for Autism Research,[3]Cure Autism Now[4]Tax ID no.20-2329938[5]Legal status501(c)(3) nonprofit organizationHeadquartersNew York City[5]Coordinates40.7477494°N 73.9843983°WCoordinates: 40.7477494°N 73.9843983°WServicesResearch, awareness, family services, advocacy.[5]President, Chief Executive OfficerAngela Geiger[6]Executive V.P., AdvocacyKevin Roy[6]Senior V.P., Public Health and InclusionAndy Shih[6]SubsidiariesDelivering Scientific Innovation for Autism LLC,Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism Inc,Autism … Continue reading Autism $peaks | Circa 2005 – Present

Generation Rescue – Wikipedia | Circa 2005 – Present

Generation Rescue From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Generation Rescue Inc Founded May 13, 2005; 13 years ago[1] Founders Lisa Handley, J.B. Handley Tax ID no. 20-2063267[2] Legal status 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Headquarters Sherman Oaks, California, United States[2] President, Director Jenny McCarthy[2] Directors J.B. Handley, Lisa Handley, Deidre Imus, Samir Patel, Rowena Salas, Donnie Wahlberg, Katie Wright … Continue reading Generation Rescue – Wikipedia | Circa 2005 – Present

Peter Hotez – Wikipedia | Circa 2018 Autistic Ally

Peter HotezFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Jump to navigationJump to searchPeter HotezBornPeter Jay HotezMay 5, 1958Hartford, ConnecticutNationalityAmericanAlma materYale University (B.A.)Weill Cornell Medical College(M.D.)Rockefeller University (Ph.D.)Scientific careerFieldsVaccinology, Neglected Tropical Disease Control, Public Policy, Global HealthInstitutionsGeorge Washington University Medical School, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, James Baker InstitutePeter Jay Hotez (born May 5, 1958)[1] is a scientist, pediatrician, and advocate in the fields of global health, vaccinology, and neglected … Continue reading Peter Hotez – Wikipedia | Circa 2018 Autistic Ally