Callum Brazzo: Activist, Speaker & Writer

Website: Hello everyone. My name is Callum Brazzo and I am an autistic man living in Spalding, Lincolnshire but traveling wherever possible to make an impact. I suffered from severe anxieties and depression. I was misunderstood and bullied. However, I have never suffered from my natural brain wiring.  I was late to receive this […]

John Greally: Autistic Activist & A Founder of The Autistic Cooperative

I AM ÂÛTISTIC. I have an amazing son who is named Luke who is also Âûtistic. Together we Co-founded Âûtistic Spectrum New Zealand and Âûtistic Union (Âû) just for Âûtistics & Allies. We live in Upper Hutt at the top of a large glacial valley near the centre of New Zealand, not far from ‘Rivendell’ […]


 Autistic Advocate and Activist, Writer and Speaker  from the United Kingdom. A Founder of The Autistic Cooperative. Kieran is an experienced Public Speaker, who has spoken at a variety of events covering Autism, Neurodiversity, Education, Human Resources, Business and more, at a local and national level, offering both keynote deliveries and one hour presentations. He is also an experienced […]

Emma Dalmayne: Autistic Activist

Website: Emma Dalmayne is an internationally recognized campaigner for the rights and safety of Autistics. She is the founder of Autistic Inclusive Meets, a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative and can often be seen on news interviews with her battle against toxic cures like MMS (bleach). Posts by Emma Dalmayne … More >>