The William Shatner Files | An #AutisticHistory Collection #NotAnAutisticAlly

In what’s become a yearly occasion, usually around March, William Shatner argues with Autistic people about our fight for human rights, disability rights and our right to representation in legislation.

He doesn’t give two ass toots about our freedom in healthcare. Doesn’t care that Autism Speaks is the largest private backer for Autism research and the largest influencer in American policy and they’ve excluded Autistic people, battled Autistic people, and silenced Autistic people for 15 years.

The organizations they merged into one with Autism Speaks when they launched, have been horrible to Autistic people for far longer than that.

Shatner doesn’t care how much money Autism Speaks wasted, or ganked from our communities that never returned, and how they oppress an entire people.

No, it appears this year he laments that we have an Autistic community that doesn’t include his non-Autistic personhood. Somehow he finds that his invite to our community doesn’t exist as a non-Autistic person, offensive. But he’s all for the human and civil rights of other minority groups, just not the largest minority group on the planet, Autistic people.

And, for the record, the Autistic community is far more welcoming of non-Autistic people than Autism groups are of Autistic people.

We even have bridge organizations working hard to make this happen. If you think we don’t count how many Autistic parents of Autistics Autism Speaks includes – or any other Autism group similar to them.

Then go to Autism Inclusivity groups, projects, and other education outreach and you’ll find Autistic people are far more inclusive than any other ‘autism inclusion’ groups that are led by non-Autistic people.

It appears Shatner simply can’t fathom why Autistic people don’t want Autism Speaks representing Autistic people … It doesn’t matter what Autistic people say to him — fingers in ears, singing top of lung capacity, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds …”

I’m not even including this year’s 2020 co-opted marketing re-brand to include shades of blue to pink their eugenics-laced ‘puzzle piece’ symbol.

(Apparently, Autism Speaks is desperate to keep it. They fight for it hard and teach their parent members to fight Autistic people on it’s meaning and that it can be re-branded to mean something else — and keep those donations flowing, and we the Autistic people should just suck it up and get over it and forget it’s true meaning ‘life unworthy of life” and “better dead than disbled”. They never breathe a word about Aktion t4 either. <– This is their inclusion effort.).

So here’s a collection, hub, or archive of articles, blogs, videos, etc. from previous years. This year’s go about will be posted here too — to the best of my abilities.


Eve Reiland

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