Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon | An American pediatrician, lecturer, and author. He is well-known within the anti-vaccine movement for his promotion of vaccine hesitancy. He is also a long-time advocate of breastfeeding; he became a member of the International Health Advisory Council of the La Leche League in 2005.
Gordon’s patients have included Eliza Jane Scovill and the son of the actress and anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy. (via wikipedia)

An Autistic Perspective & History | Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years. 

By Eve Reiland

Contact | internationalbadassactivists@gmail.com

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