Fierce Autie


I am an autistic mother of Autistic children, shiny (ADHD) children, children that have suffered from neglect before coming to me.

I am an autistic who has ADHD, PTSD and PCOS. I also advocate for Autistic rights and against quack treatments. This includes MMS. MMS is giving chlorine bleach to try to “cure” autism. It is not a disease or an illness. There is nothing to cure as it is part of who I am. I also advocate against ABA as I was forced to endure it and contributed to my PTSD.

If I can spare other kids of what I had to endure as a child, I am making a difference.

I am an autistic, shiny and hard of hearing (HOH) mother of Autistic children and shiny (ADHD) children. I am a veterinary technologist. This means I believe in science, not quackery.

I am also an advocate against ABA (applied behavior analysis), quack “cure” treatment which are very harmful. I went through it myself and will work hard to spare other people what I went through. I have been in the News about my fight with others against toxic quack cures. These include Chlorine Dioxide, Hyperbaric Chambers, Cheletion therapy, GMAF and others.

I am very pro vax. Vaccines save lives and have helped wipe diseases from this planet. They are coming back because Andrew Wakefield decided to falsify study findings linking the MMR vaccine to being autistic.

His paper was retracted and he lost his ability to practice medicine. He is still talking about the link that does not exist. I advocate for neurodiversity, therapies that are actually therapeutic in nature.

We are autistic and shiny and its time we are heard!

Boycott List for anti neruodiversity organziations:>

If I can spare other kids of what I had to endure as a child, I am making a difference.


Twitter: @fierceautie

Instagram: fierceadvocate


By Eve Reiland

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