Battling the Anti-Vaxxer #BleachCult & Other Quack Cures | An Autistic Perspective & History


An Autistic Perspective of Anti-Vaxxers, Miracle Mineral Solution and Other Quackery | Eve Reiland

Across America parents are feeding their children bleach as a cure for autism. This is a deadly phenomenon and one that Autistic activists and allies have been battling worldwide for years.  Yes, administering industrial-strength bleach as a drug, marketed as Miracle Mineral Solution, is absurd, toxic and has harmed and killed people around the world.  […]

Prominent Orgs & Groups In The Quack Cult (Today and Historically)

Prominent People In The Quack Cult ….

Notable Autistic Activists & Allies Battling The #BleachCult…

Emma Dalmayne (UK) | Emma Dalmayne is an Autistic activist in the UK, a strong voice in bringing down the bleach cult, and advocating for Autistic human and civil rights worldwide. More …

Amanda Seigler (US) | Amanda Seigler is an Autistic activist in the state of Florida, and has been instrumental in exposing the bleach cult and other quackery. More ….


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Melissa Eaton (USA) | Melissa Eaton is mom to an Autistic and an ally to the Autistic community in the United States. She has been instrumental in bringing down the bleach cult. More ...

Dr. Peter Hotez | Dr. Peter Hotez is an American scientist, pediatrician, and advocate in the fields of global health, vaccinology, and neglected tropical disease control. He is also father of an Autistic adult child, author of “Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism,” and an ally to the Autistic Community. More…

A Few Organizations, Groups and Folks Battling The Quack Cult

By Eve Reiland

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