Autistic Allies

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This Facebook group welcomes Autistics, and their NT Allies and Parents of Autistics.

We are not a support group, but we have a sister group that is. The focus of this group is to introduce parents to a neurodiversity perspective.

From this perspective, any talk of ‘curing’ or ‘getting rid’ of autism is not only disrespectful, but ludicrous. This group is against ANY form of ABA, no matter how ‘nice’ seeming it may be, and supports the many survivors who have had the therapy inflicted on them. We firmly believe that the support Autistic adults can give parents is of huge benefit to their families.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of this potential help. This group is determined to educate through posts and discussions and encourages members to share these views elsewhere. This is a summary of the most important rules, you will be expected to read the full version in the pinned post if allowed to join.

BIG SINS (which will likely see you booted)

1) NO slanging matches, insults, etc. Disagree, yes, but in respectful language ONLY please!

2) NO pushing ANY type of ABA, autism ‘cures’, anti-vax viewpoints, or anything else autism-negative.

3) NO pushing supplements, pseudo-science or other woo.

4) NO blocking admins. BIG NO-NO!

5) NO bossing others around like you’re an admin.

6) NO arguing with admins, especially in the group.

7) NO photos of your kids, autistic or otherwise, without their permission.

8) NO advertising or promotional material, eg asking for money and/or support for anyone, without asking permission of an admin first. If you can embrace these rules, then welcome!

By Eve Reiland

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