AutismOne 2020 Protest | #ProtestAutismOne2020


MAY 20, 2020

AutismOne is the yearly conference revival for quacks, that promote biomedical and toxic ‘cures’ for Autistic people. Autistics, together with our allies, are fighting the abuse of Autistic and vulnerable children and people.

May 20, 2020 Autistics will protest this 3-day Chicago quackfest.

Event information:

Recently, stories that expose this cult of abuse have been heard throughout the USA. AutismOne is the yearly revival of child experimentation utilizing ‘recovery treatments’ like industrial bleach.

AutismOne is home to Kerri Rivera, who introduced the Chlorine Dixoxide (CD) protocol to “cure Autism” and has promoted the mass poisoning of Autistic children.

Amanda Seigler | Fierce Autie
Eve Reiland

Please join Amanda Seigler and I, Eve Reiland, in Chicago. Let these charlatans see the Autistic Truth staring right at them. We are minority group of people. We have a right to life, safety, reputation and real support.

You cannot bleach, detox or “cure” autism with anything, especially with products like turpentine, borax, and more found at the hardware store.

  • Help us end the commodification of this abuse
  • Help us STOP the bullshit and quackery.
  • Help us stop the physical, mental and emotional harm of these ‘cures’ and the damage they do to vulnerable children and adults.

Help us demand real Autistic Healthcare and put an end to this pseudoscience so greatly damaging the Autistic community.

Can’t wait to meet you there. See you in Chicago!


Eve Reiland

Be sure to sign and share the petition to help put pressure on those in leadership to help us end this abuse.


Donation page:

AutismOne is a conference in Chicago every year. They spread misinformation about vaccines causing autism, and promote biomedical ‘cures’ to Autistic children and vulnerable people that are toxic.

The conference was started by Ed Arranga in 2003Andrew Wakefieldthe de-listed doctor who falsified the link between Autism and vaccines, is a cornerstone attendee of AutismOne. 

Jenny McCarthy made AutismOne famous in 2008 by being a keynote speaker. She promoted the notion of biomedical cures.

These biomedical cures are hyperbaric chambersGcMAF (injected blood product), thier own urinecheletionturpentineboraxbleach and many other abusive treatments

Miracle Mineral Solution (bleach) protocol was started at the AutismOne conference by Kerri Rivera. She calls it the CD protocol (chlorine dioxide) and is a yearly attendee and speaker.

In 2019, Kerri Rivera presented her spiel by video, because she’s currently fleeing persecution.

Rivera claims that chlorine dioxide is not bleach. The treatment is very corrosive and causes children to have GI symptoms, liver failure, changes to their red blood cells, shedding of the intestinal lining and other horrid symptoms. Parents are taught these are signs the toxic harm happening is a sign of the autism leaving the body, and a sign their children are in ‘recovery.’

This conference needs to be protested in 2020 and these charlatans needs to face The Autistic Truth and be made accountable for their harm against an entire minority group of people.

Autistics and allies are tired of autistic children of being guinea pigs and experiment subjects. Its time this stops.

We need help and support to reach Chicago by plane, train, or auto. Amanda Seigler has created a donation page to help us reach our destination in May.

We appreciate any support you can offer.

It is our hope to support as many Autistics and allies to attend the protest as possible.


#STOPAutisticAbuse #ProtestAutismOne2020 #EndMMSAbuse

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