Autism Inclusivity

Facebook Group:

This is an autistic-led Facebook group for parents and carers of autistic children/teens/adults.

We wish to support you and we accept that parents with loved one’s who have challenging behaviours, who bolt and have little to no communication feel ostracized by the autistic community.

This group seeks to help support and educate and above all accept. What better time to open it then Autism Awareness Month? We are guessing you find it as hard as we do! You, because you see little to celebrate and us … because we are bombarded with blue lights and cure talk.

Let’s change that?


Please make sure to answer all screening questions when joining. We want to keep this group a safe area for those in it. Note: This group is designed to be interactive with member participation. In order to protect our members, admins will occasionally go through and delete inactive members.

Group Rules from the Admins

  • Do not give dietary/medical advice here.We are not dieticians or doctor’s, please seek qualified registered medical advice.
  • No puzzle pieces, please Puzzle pieces are seen as offensive to many Autistic people and are strongly linked to cure-related groups/ideology. Posts promoting puzzle pieces as a symbol of Autism will be deleted.
  • No go fund me or sponsor posts.This is not the place to solicit for money.
  • No Vaccine related posts. We do not believe that Autism is caused by vaccines. To prevent debate, we do not allow comments or posts about vaccines, period.
  • No promotions of ABA.
  • Do not post screenshots from other groups.We are a big group and we have enough going on here without bringing in uncomfortable interactions and misinformation from elsewhere.
  • Contacting Admin. Please do not make seperate posts to get admin’s attention. If there are concerns on a member please pm admin. If there are concerns about a post, report the post or tag admin.
  • Your Autistic Admin Team: Emma Dalmayne, John Greally, Alex Forshaw, Kieran Rose, Olympia Ellinas, Connor Platt, Amy Bresnahan, Eve Reiland, Rosemarie Carreiro Âû, and Shayna Gier, Abbey Doormann, Vanessa Blevins, Leo George
  • No meltdown videos of anyone.No photos showing uncovered bodies either. Although we check members as much as we can, nobody knows who is in this group.

By Eve Reiland

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