A$ Co-Opted Rebrand

The “Life Unworthy of Life” blue puzzle piece rebranded …

It all begins with an evolution of the eugenics-laden “Life Unworthy of Life” blue puzzle piece. Now reimagined to co-opt a spectrum of Autistic Community colors in addition to boy-binary blue.

The new, more colorful logo signifies the diversity of bullshit and lip service heaped on Autistic people by Autism $peaks, and signals deepened commitment to battling their fresh-baked lies and donation demands to control Autistic healthcare.

The refresh of the look-and-feel also includes a new font in the logo of Autism Speaks, a palette of gender-binary pink and blue colors and the use of twuntfuckery throughout materials.

The new look is meant to be devoid of gaslighting and inclusive of actually Autistic perspective, while remaining bold and confident in effort to expose, de-platform and eradicate the existence of Autism Speaks.

Each element of the redesign was thoughtfully developed to reflect Autistic people’s deep perspective of Autism $peaks, and support an inclusive Autistic-led vision for the future without them.

Autistic Voices & Actually Allies

By Eve Reiland

Contact | internationalbadassactivists@gmail.com

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