No, you can’t be ‘a little bit autistic’ |

OPINION: Please don't use my identity as your insult.   OPINION: A decade ago I was participating in a research seminar at an Australian university and one of the academics responded to a presentation about autism with the comment "all academics are a little bit autistic". Recently, I was speaking to a colleague about a someone … Continue reading No, you can’t be ‘a little bit autistic’ |

About The AUTISM ONE 2020 PROTEST | #ProtestAutismOne2020

AUTISM ONE 2020 PROTEST MAY 20, 2020 AutismOne is the yearly conference revival for quacks, that promote biomedical and toxic ‘cures’ for Autistic people. Autistics, together with our allies, are fighting the abuse of Autistic and vulnerable children and people. May 20, 2020 Autistics will protest this 3-day Chicago quackfest. Event information: Recently, stories that expose … Continue reading About The AUTISM ONE 2020 PROTEST | #ProtestAutismOne2020

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | #ProtestAutismOne2020 | Eve Reiland

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. #protestAutismOne2020 Autism One 2020 Protest MAY 20 Public · Hosted by Fierce Autie and 5 others · 3 co-hosts pending [?] We are autistics and allies. We are fed up with the biomedical abuse. This is experimentation. This is where the CD protocol for "curing" autism started. Kerri Rivera introduced this mass poisoning of autistic children. Join us and let … Continue reading Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | #ProtestAutismOne2020 | Eve Reiland

Measles is ruining our summer

Summer hasn’t been all that fun for the Bergers.In June, the Plainview, LI, family passed up a trip to Los Angeles because they were fearful their 4-month-old daughter would be exposed to measles Source: Measles is ruining our summer