Judged | The Bipolar Writer

Desolate Undermined Lost Confused Misused Berated Segregated Stigmatized In Society’s Eye Chastized Minimized Categorized Broken Ties Ostracized Penalized Compromised Systematically Demoralized Better off Dead Thoughts in this Head Regretfully Ever Said Made to lie In this Painful Bed Night, I dread Light, I seek Judged Instead Source: Judged — The Bipolar Writer

Making friends with shadows [autistic poetry] | the silent wave

Perhaps part of my cocooning that I had mentioned in my last post has to do with exploring darkness. Maybe it has to do with utilizing some of the pent-up creative energy that my brain can’t seem to streamline into something more outwardly productive. I have felt unfocused, perpetually drained. Although this sounds bad, I’m […] …