Author: Eve Reiland

  • What Will Happen To My Autistic Children After I Die?

    What Will Happen To My Autistic Children After I Die?

    [TW: Death, ABA, trauma, autism cure, prevention, and more.] What will happen to my Autistic children, now adults, after I die? I’ll be 50 this year and still don’t have an answer that doesn’t include poverty, despair, abuse, homelessness and an early death. This question has haunted me for years because the answer isn’t a […]

  • Life Skills Lessons #1: The Air Mattress Oops | My Autistic Family Life

    By Eve Reiland Life Skills Lessons #1: The Air Mattress Oops Quite often we use an air mattress at our home for sleepovers. It’s a noisey situation that sends me to the opposite end of the house behind a closed door wearing my noise-cancelling headphones. Bill, my spouse, is the one that does the set-up […]

  • My Autistic Family Life: We’re Going To Just Keep Trying Until We Do

    My Autistic Family Life: We’re Going To Just Keep Trying Until We Do

    When my youngest Autistic son was in early days of elementary school he decided he wanted to learn how to catch a football. He and I worked all summer throwing that ball and him doing his best to catch it. Every single evening we worked together on his goal. He never became frustrated and he […]

  • Cure Autism Now: POLITICAL ACTION ALERT | May 13, 2001

    POLITICAL ACTION ALERT – Sunday, May 13, 2001 We need the immediate help of everyone in the developmentally disabled community! A group of families have recently begun an effort to get some tax relief for the more than three million families in the US who have children with developmental disabilities. The basic idea is to […]

  • An Overview of the Recent Cure Autism Now Scientific Advisory Board Meetings By Donald Ham | 2000

    Cure Autism Now working towards results? Or is it just holding interesting meetings that do not really go anywhere? This was the question Dr. Marnin Kligfeld, parent of an autistic child, brought with him as he observed a session during the recent Cure Autism Now weekend of meetings in Santa Monica, California. Leading scientists, researchers, […]

  • Cure Autism Now: Antibiotics for Autism | December 2000

    Antibiotics for Autism Ivanhoe Broadcast News December 2000 Antibiotics for Autism Antibiotics for AutismTelevision News Service/Medical BreakthroughsIvanhoe Broadcast News, Inc. December 2000 (Ivanhoe Newswire) — According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 1 in every 500 people has autism — a developmental disorder that affects language and social skills. For years it’s been largely […]

  • Cure Autism Now: Autism Research Funded By NIH | Nov. 5, 1996

    Principal Investigator: LOVAAS, OLE I UCLA 405 HILGARD AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90024-1563 Performing Organization: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Amount: $35,018 per year Title: MULTISITE YOUNG AUTISM PROJECTGrant Expires in : 3 Fiscal Year(s) Abstract:AUTISM is a severely handicapping condition with onset in early childhood. Most persons with AUTISM require lifelong supervised or institutional […]