It’s human to think different.

InternationalBadassActivists.org is a peer-led organization focused on activism campaigns, stigma busting, divergent news and education, peer community development, Autistic-to-NT bridge-building projects and other badass initiatives to support the Neurodivergent & Autistic Civil Rights Movement.

Founded by Eve Reiland, an Autistic Activist and a co-Founder of The Autistic Cooperative.

Contact | internationalbadassactivists@gmail.com

About Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland is an Autistic activist, artist, writer and mom. She is the founder of InternationalBadassActivists.org and a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative. 

Eve started writing for advocacy in 2005 and launched her first campaign for Autism in 2008. When Jenny McCarthy was writing about the falsehood of curing her son’s autism, Eve was writing about acceptance.

After becoming disabled in 2010 to Functional Neurological Disorder and PTSD, Eve had to heal and learn how to live again. She re-entered activism in 2014 to fight the stigma against living with a severe mental illness and to fight for human and civil rights for divergent people. 

Eve’s goals are to help make a better future for all Autistics born today, amplify divergent voices and document Autistic people’s lives, autistic culture and history in writing and documentaries. 

Her greatest accomplishment is raising her children to be self-advocates and hearing their voices rise and be heard in this fight for human rights.

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