Adventures with Dentures: Fixodent VS Poligrip – Which Is Better? | Autistically, Eve

Pale female wearing a gray flat cap with a golden, vintage hedgehog pin attached, brown eyes, wearing a black shirt with a silver sequins scarf and sparkly earrings. Expression is showing teeth in a big way.

Another Autistically, Eve video 🙂.

Here’s the first comparison video | Adventures with Dentures: Fixodent VS Poligrip – Which is better?

[TW: Graphic images of my face looking like a Snapchat filter. Yes, I just gave a trigger warning for my face … but yikes. It is a lot.]

I’ve got some definite opinions and a clear winner on these brands, and share all about them 🙂. Plus I also talk about about my journey getting here to this point, and the complications and extra hoops needed cleared due to my health conditions before I could get this resolved.

Thankfully, my experience is rare – so please keep that in mind. If you have EDS and are looking at going through the process of extractions and dentures, I hope this helps you prevent some of the mistakes I made and extra time it took to get the extractions completed.

ID: Pale female wearing a gray flat cap with a gold hedgehog pinned on, brown eyes, sparkly makeup, wearing a black shirt and a silver sequins scarf and sparkly earrings.

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Adventures With Dentures: Fixodent Vs Poligrip

[This is not an exact transcript.]

Today I’m going to talk about this smile, a bit about the journey it took to get here,  and my fave product to use (so far) in keeping them anchored where they belong. 

I never thought I’d be so happy to do a comparison on denture adhesives — but here I am –  I truly am thrilled to be able to share my experience here with Fixodent vs Polygrip and which one works best for me all day and has the least overwhelming sensory experience. 

The Journey To Get here … 

Goodness, yes. To get to this point has been a long, painful process. I spent the better part of the last two years very ill fighting off repeated tooth infections. At the same time I was also fighting anemia and between the two, this last year was just horrendous to experience healthwise – even landing me in the emergency room this past April possibly needing a transfusion. So yeah, it’s been rough – but, I have been very fortunate to have the support of my spouse and loved ones through all of it. 

Now, let me be very clear, my experience to getting to this point with dentures is not typical. What I experienced is abnormal. So if you’re going to have to go through this journey, don’t panic and know I’m an anomaly and not the norm. I’m a bit complicated. 

I’m Autistic and disabled with EDS, FND, PNES and PTSD, mmmeh, plus some others. All of these diagnoses did complicate the process. At first the extractions were expected to be done in an office visit with the numbing medication injected … only .. when we tried that, the shots didn’t work. So I was referred out to a different doctor, and at that appointment those shots didn’t work either. So next step was to be sedated – but because of having EDS extra-precautions and clearances had to be done and that took another year to complete. The procedure would have to take place at the hospital and not in the office. 

So know this, if you have EDS, be aware your journey might not be typical either. It’s my understanding EDS lends to many of the issues I have had with my teeth my entire life – including needing dentures at this stage of my life.

So now that I’m finally able to smile without feeling self-conscious  – I wanted to share my experience of the two brands of the most commonly available denture adhesive cream (or, as I refer to it, tooth glue) that are most commonly available to keep this smile locked in and secure. 

Fixodent was recommended at the dentist office, so that’s the brand I tried first. After a few weeks, I switched to Polygrip to compare. After just one use of the Polygrip, just one use, I had a definite preference and winner.

But first, my experience with Fixodent:  

I found it easy to use (once the box was opened for me and tube removed, I need assistance on these kinds of things often) and squeeze on the appropriate areas. I went to YouTube and watched some of their videos and felt confident in what I was doing … 

So glue squirted, teeth inserted and then pressed into place … and then … oh my utter hell.  Sensory hell. So when the how-to videos spoke of ‘overage’ they didn’t go into detail about how awful it was , and they didn’t say what to do when it happened. LIke how to get out. That stuff oozed, expanded and was pink. It looked like the spray-in insulation used in attics, and it glued my tongue and lips to my dentures. 

The next day, and every day after, I tried to do better on the overage issue.  I never succeeded though, and finally got to the point of feeling overwhelmed thinking I had to do this awful experience everyday. 

So I decided it was time to try Poligrip – maybe it had a different texture I could tolerate more. I wasn’t sure it would be any different, but had heard from some friends that polygrip held their bottom dentures on much better than fixodent. My bottom teeth struggled to stay in place throughout the day. My tics and stutters tend to push my tongue on them pretty hard. 

On the first try with Poligrip, what a difference. A good one. The texture was different. It did expand, but not overabundantly. And yes, it is also is problematic when there’s overage and my tongue and lips get stuck to my dentures. The positive part, this brand is far easier for me to get unstuck and excess removed. Still not fun, but nowhere near as overwhelming as my experience with Fixodent. 

So I’m not saying Fixodent is bad. It might be great for many, but for me the sensory experience is too, too much. For me, Poligrip is the winner. I have also found it to last longer throughout the day on my bottom dentures. 

That’s my experience of these two products. 

Thank you for hanging out with me. 



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