My Autistic Family Life | The Early Years: 2006 – 2009

My children snuggling on a blue blanket. Jared is a teenager, Tory is in elementary school and Abby is a baby.

Below are links to journals, emails, and publications that I wrote between 2006 and 2009 on family life. 

Subjects include: Parenting autistics, open adoption, widely-spaced siblings, troubles at school, autism diagnosis, IEP, depression, suicide ideation, becoming a brother (by Jared), autism acceptance, autism awareness, surprise pregnancy, antepartum, and more.

Some of these entries were syndicated to over 40 newspapers and sites. Others were published as part of a blog or other publications.


Big before his time

Organically Speaking

Whine & Soggy Snuggles

Comfort served in 1433 pages

School Communications: They Scheduled The IEP Without Me?

At the moment I’m sure he’s more focused on how much he hates me.

Moving Again, New School and Still Working On An IEP For Jared

Diagnosed Autistic & Finally Talking About The IEP With School

Sounds Like He’s In Full-On Shutdown Mode. Know that an F in your class does not mean that he is a failure.

Not So Perfect Parents

The Dark Mood Is Becoming Apparent Again

Becoming Craig’s Brother By Jared Hinson


Genevieve is a writer, wife and mom to two boys. She works as an online design coordinator for The Fresno Bee by day, and a writer and blogger by night.

She is one of 10 newspaper-industry professionals selected by the Newspaper Association of America to participate in the 2006 New Media Fellowship program. She is also the recipient of the Yosemite Writers Conference 2005 Sheila L. Stephens Scholarship and the 2006 Poet & Writers matching grant.

Her Mother of Confusion blog is syndicated as a column by McClatchy Tribune Media Services.

Her work has appeared in Adoptive Families magazine,,, and

She advocates for autism awareness and acceptance and is the editor of the autism section.


The Party Will Go On …

First Campaign: Please join me in blogging about autism awareness

Newsletter: Blog For Autism Awareness

Learning to accept my autistic son

Got the fever for the planting of a daisy 

What’s Normal? The Socially Acceptable Prejudice Against Autistic People Today

Savage remarks shouldn’t be ignored: Take a stand for autistic children

The Day I Apparently Had Too Much Flair … And Narrowly Avoided A Lawsuit?

Bad Meltdown At School On Friday 

Beyond April: Blogging And Raising Money for Autism Awareness … Comments/Responses 

OK, AutismSpeaks Is Off The List & 153 Autism Awareness Bloggers …

In short: Autism Speaks is a hate group masquerading as a charity.

Synchronized family meltdown, parking lot style

Reward For The Missing Laundry Fairy

Surviving The Help Monster 

For The Mother That’s About To Rock, We Salute You! 

Dear Gynecologist, I Can’t Get Married Every Month

Surprise Pregnancy & The Latest … 

Pregnancy, I Wasn’t Expecting This

Go Away! Mornings Aren’t Welcome Here

I’m Not A Fan Of Autism Speaks. I can’t believe the discrimination that folks have.

The dramatic, pregnant quest for caffeine


Answering Interview Questions, Bedrest & Messages From Antepartum

29 weeks pregnant and counting

Born at 34 weeks

My Daughter Is A Miracle

Tales From The Boob: Breastfeeding Lessons

The Email That Landed Me A Job Interview

Autism Speaks Dividing The Community Complaint & Autism Speaks PSAs Removed From Page 

My Youngest Autistic Son Now Has A Vote And A Voice

[From my Facebook post today.] So proud of my youngest son – and oh my heart. He was so worried I’d be upset with him for using my email address. I had to assure him I’m not upset, in fact I’m very, very proud, and that his problem solving was awesome. My son is 18…

My Autistic Family Life | The Early Years: 2003 – 2005

Below are links to journals, emails, and publications that I wrote in 2005 on family life. Subjects include: Parenting autistics, secondary infertility, PCOS, open adoption, widely-spaced siblings, troubles at school, and more. It also include my first published piece in the “Adoptive Families” magazine. 2003 Secondary Infertility: A family affair  2005 Got The Most Amazing…

What Will Happen To My Autistic Children After I Die?

[TW: Death, ABA, trauma, autism cure, prevention, and more.] What will happen to my Autistic children, now adults, after I die? I’ll be 50 this year and still don’t have an answer that doesn’t include poverty, despair, abuse, homelessness and an early death. This question has haunted me for years because the answer isn’t a…

Life Skills Lessons #1: The Air Mattress Oops | My Autistic Family Life

By Eve Reiland Life Skills Lessons #1: The Air Mattress Oops Quite often we use an air mattress at our home for sleepovers. It’s a noisey situation that sends me to the opposite end of the house behind a closed door wearing my noise-cancelling headphones. Bill, my spouse, is the one that does the set-up…


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