Divergent & Autistic Voices | From Get Your Voice Heard At The IACC To Research That Harms Autistic People


Autism Research and the IACC: Your voice matters!


“It is more important than ever to make sure autism research reflects what matters to all of us. Make your voice heard by submitting a comment to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee before each meeting! Learn more about the IACC, and how to submit a comment, with our new resource!”

Alliance Against Seclusion & Restraint

A Self-Reg journey to reducing punitive approaches: What is Self-Reg?

Alliance Against Seclusion & Restraint

“It’s been about four years since the last time my son was restrained, secluded, and traumatized in a Maryland, public school. What began with a promise to my son to do everything I could to make sure this did not happen to him again led to an unexpected journey.”


Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism (TPGA)

“If you are a parent or caregiver for an autistic person—a child, or an adult—we beg you to consider our Autism Checklist of Doom. We’ve put this list together to help understand what may upset an autistic person, & cause distress. By TPGA & @AutSciPerson:”

New report finds widespread abuse of autistic people

University of Sunderland

Kieran Rose & Dr. Amy Pearson

“The abuse that autistic people have experienced at the hands of someone they know and the difficulties they face in trying to access support, have been unveiled in a new study.

The findings suggest many frontline professionals are not adequately trained in working with autistic people who have suffered some form of victimisation or abuse, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues or professionals, resulting in poor mental health.”

This online panel discussion was hosted in collaboration with the Neurodiversity Activists at MSU, MankatoIt is part of an ongoing series of discussions within the Autistic community to progress towards comprehensive bans of all forms of Autistic conversion therapies (including ABA).

The discussion includes a pre-recorded segment (part 1), as well as a live panel discussion with a second group of panellists (part 2) that ran on Wednesday 31 August 2022.


Bruce Wenzel, United States

Marie Adrienne Robles Manalili, The Philippines

Karen Muriuki, Kenya

Tania Melnyczuk, South Africa

Alex Kronstein, Canada


Jorn Bettin, Aotearoa


Bruce Wenzel, president, Neurodiversity Activists, MSU Mankato, United States



by Shannon Des Roches Rosa

“Tash, A.K.A. Supernova Momma, is “a Certified Positive Discipline Educator (CPDE), veteran, military spouse, and stay at home mother to two autistic Black girls. She specializes in best practices for traditional child-rearing, motherhood balance, positive parenting, and autism acceptance.”

Jacki Edry – Moving forward: Reflections on autism, neurodiversity, brain surgery and faith

book review by Katie Munday (they/ them)

Written by Jacki Edry, Moving Forward looks to enlighten parents, professionals, and family members with personal insights on neurodivergence.

Aucademy: Educators of Autistic Experience

Emergent Divergence

Neuroqueer: Authentic embodiment of mental health

This article was Co-Authored by David Gray-Hammond and Katie Munday

Trigger Warning: Discussion of mental health

It is a surprisingly contentious discussion to have, but the neurodiversity paradigm does not just apply to autistic people and ADHD’ers. Neurodivergent is a broad and inclusive term that applies to any bodymind that diverges from the neuronormative standards of a person’s given culture.

A Rights-Based Approach to Communication and Therapy

Autistic Strategies Network

Communication is a human right. Here we share some resources which we’re using in a presentation about this topic for allied health professionals interested in working with autistic people who don’t speak.



by Sarah Owocki

TW suicide, including implicit mention of method

Many things made me angry in the weeks and months after my younger brother died by suicide in 2014. But only one person made me absolutely beyond furious.

Neuroclastic: https://neuroclastic.com/

Who Am I? Printable Resource for Connecting with Your Core Self

by Terra Vance @ Neuroclastic

As promised, we are going to be providing you with resources to help you connect to your Core Self.

Research that dishonours and harms autistic people

by Ann Memmott

This week, thousands of autistic people witnessed a research team describing us as risks, as deficits, as disordered.   Parents of our loved children and young people were described as “Parents of ASD cases”.  The research team were very excited to write this research paper, they explained.


Tech Workers: Is Autistic Conversion Therapy, ABA, in Your Company’s Ad Stock?

By Ryan Boren

“We autistic people helped build these tech platforms and companies and the collaboration cultures they run on. Is ABA, autistic conversion therapy, in the ad stock at the companies and platforms we poured our lives into?

ABA ads are everywhere.”

Seeing autistic communication as a cultural difference

By Yenn Purkis

“I like to imagine that autistic communication is similar to a cultural or linguistic difference. Here’s how it goes…”

Heart Break High Review

Neurodiversity News

After seeing Heartbreak High, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to review it.

Why are there SO MANY Late Diagnosed or Discovered Autistic and NeuroDivergent People???

with Lyric of Neurodivergent Rebel

The Autism Iceberg(s)



“There’s nothing new about the iceberg concept (especially on YouTube 😂) but when it comes to the world of autistic people, there’s more than one…”

Why Autistic people have “all the things”: Mel & Si educate Aucademy


I Will Die On This Hill: Jules & Meghan educate Aucademy

I Will Die On This Hill: Jules & Meghan educate Aucademy

The New Segregationists


“NDLC co-founder, Jennifer Litton Tidd, spoke at a rally in Loudoun County Virginia on the new segregationist movement, which is in fact, the same old segregationist movement, with different euphemisms to sanitize the true intentions of the “school choice” movement. …” Read all here >>

Prepare to Vote 101: Making a Plan


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